Cristina Sucner

Integration & VAS engineer

Despre mentor

Cristina is engineer at Orange Systems, she is responsible for creating products for customers. Her work is based on back end development of product catalog and REST APIs that expose products for front end interfaces, like mobile applications or web interfaces.Cristina is a challenge hunter, where is a possibility to involve and help someone she is there this is why she is a volunteer and an ambassador of initiatives that change the world to a better version.

She is a volunteer in program “Ne pasa” for 6 years, participated in “Super Coders” project also was part of Automatization team in internal project of changing mindset and habit of work. Current volunteer project that Cristina is involved in is “IT ladies”,project that opens minds and encourage women to make a step closer to their dream to become IT specialist.

Her interests are back end solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, code clearance, cybersecurity, DEVOPS, Data AI.
She graduated from Information technologies faculty in 2007 and have experience of more than 10 years in IT fields. Cristina changed several positions during this period she worked as Delphi developer, for 6 years, after Cristina was responsible for Management of Informational Systems, for 2 years and was part of COPC certification project.